10 small, quick games with numbers


Games with numbers are popular! Both with cards and dice. And the great thing is that many small games appear on the market that you can play in 15 minutes. A cool way to end the maths lesson or engage with numbers in between.


In this fast and tactical card game for 2 to 5 players, you collect cards and try to exchange them for more valuable cards. You do this by forming sets with numbers. Whoever gets 21 points first wins the game. (Image: https://gaminbiz.nl/quibbles)

5 Towers

Build up your towers and start at the highest number possible, eventually you want to have the lowest number possible at the top. Each round, players bid on 5 open cards in the market. If you lay down a number sequence, you are not allowed to change it…. Unless you have an 8 or 9, as these have a special power. Who will build the highest tower the fastest?

Bock Rock

This game is a bit more difficult because this is a stroke game. The player with the highest card gets the pile. But: the player with the lowest card decides what the final limit will be. The winner of the game is the player who has collected the most goat heads without exceeding the limit. So both collecting cards and playing away cards you don’t need and thwarting your fellow players. (Image: https://www.999games.nl)

7 Rounds

In 7 rounds, you collect cards with the highest possible value. During the game, you always have four cards in your hand and try to improve your hand by taking, playing or stealing new cards. (Image: https://www.whitegoblingames.com)


In this game, you are not allowed to rearrange the cards in your hand. By exchanging cards with the market, you can influence the order in your hand and win tricks. Because it is all about strategy and turns, this is a somewhat more difficult game, though. (Image:https://www.oinkgames.com)


In this game you play with 6 dice you are always looking for the balance between putting the right crosses and progress on your score sheet. (Image: https://www.whitegoblingames.com)

The Choice

The goal of The Choice is to tick all the squares on your scoreboard. With each roll, you choose colour or number. (Image: https://www.whitegoblingames.com)

Divvy Dice

There is no standard score sheet in this dice game; you compile it yourself. If you are not satisfied with your throw, you throw again. But all other players may then benefit from that roll as well. (Image: https://www.999games.nl)


Discard All Minus Points, that’s what this abbreviation stands for and is therefore the objective of this game for 2 – 6 people. In your turn, you always try to discard a card otherwise you get minus points for it. Who has the fewest minus points at the end (image: https://www.999games.nl)


In this game, you steal cards from each other to build your own collection. But of course there is a catch, because if you steal two of the same numbers you lose everything.

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