About this website

When I started to look into games and learning, I found all kinds of information: research at home and abroad, reviews, enthusiastic reports and practical tips from teachers and parents, home-made games for all kinds of subjects and practice situations, conferences and refresher courses. But nowhere did I find it collected. So that’s what I started doing.

On this website you will find all kinds of information about games in education, for primary, secondary, higher education and adult education.

The power of games

If you are interested, for example, in literature and research on the power of games in an educational context, then take a look in the extensive library. I have collected articles for you on both Dutch and foreign research that repeatedly shows the benefits of games. You will not only find scientific articles, I also collect everything from the media about (board) games. New literature appears regularly, so the overview keeps growing.

In the agenda, you will find all kinds of workshops, conferences and trade fairs on the subject of games and learning.

I also write articles about the interface between learning and playing. I am inspired by my own educational practice and that of my son. But also by conferences I attend and articles I read.


Finding the right games

Do you want to get started right away and are you looking for games for your lesson? Then take a look at the reviews. I have arranged the reviews in such a way that you can search for games for school skills such as language and math, but also for practicing executive and social skills. If you are looking for games to practice professional skills, you can also indicate this in the search bar at the top of the page.

Do you like a game? With one click you find the game at the Dutch online shop Bol.com where you put the game in your shpping cart. I recommend building a games library, as games can have a fast throughput.


Rules and inspiration

Okay, so you’ve picked a nice batch of games and want to get started at school or at home. Then you still have to deal with those annoying rules and the organization. I can help you with that too! For example, I collect textbook examples of schools that have given games a place in their education. I visit them and interview teachers and teachers so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

And as for the rules of the game…. that’s an interesting one. I wrote a blog about it, because you don’t have to know all the rules yourself. If you don’t want to lose time and get started right away, I have quick rules for you. The quick rules are short, clear summaries of the official rules of the game. With the quick rules you immediately see how to set up and play the game. Pupils and students can work with it themselves.


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