Reviews and blogs appear regularly on this website.


I write reviews about games I have played or hosted myself. Many of those games I own myself, sometimes I am sent games to try out. If I am not enthusiastic about a game, I do not post a review. So on my site, you will only find games that I really recommend.


The games I mention in my blogs, I have not always played myself but have been tipped off by others. This is always mentioned in the blog.


Pen & Pion uses its own visual material as much as possible. In the unlikely event that one of your photos has been used and you object to it: mail and I will remove your picture. Images from this site may not be reproduced without reference.


Affiliated marketing
f you are enthusiastic after a review or blog, you can buy the game immediately. To be of service to you (and to earn a little money myself) I use affiliate marketing: with the games you will find a button that links you directly to an external webshop. The purchase does not go through Pen & Pion. Your purchase is subject to the general conditions, privacy and cookies of the external webshop.


Changing game prices
Under a review, I always try to put as much practical information as possible. One of these is the price. I have noticed that the price can vary quite a bit from one provider to another and from one period to another. So don’t pin me down on the price I mention, it’s a guide price. Once a year, I check the prices and adjust them if necessary. Have you seen a nice game? Then search further yourself online and offline to see if you can get it for another price. Of course, the price I give is for the game itself and not for shipping costs.


On this website you will find translations in English and German. I translate my texts as much as possible myself, using translation machines as an aid. There may be errors in the translations. If you find a translation error that affects the comprehensibility of the text, please report it to me. This also applies if you find a translation potentially offensive or hurtful. That is certainly not my intention and I will adjust it immediately. Mail me via