To make it easy for you, on this page I have categorised the games by main skill/knowledge. There you will find them in alphabetical order. In the right-hand column, you will see a short description, so that you can link a game even better to specific learning objectives per group. You will also find a link to the review or blog in which I discuss the game. Some games do not have a link, I have described them in my newsletter or on social media.

The button in the left-hand column puts the game directly in your (a Dutch shop) shopping basket and you can usually play it the very next day. Finally, in the middle column you will see an image with more sales information such as the price and whether it is still in stock. If you have a really good ad blocker, you will unfortunately not see the picture.

A pack full of games that get the whole group moving  – to the magazine 

Update February 2024: out of stock

How long can you poke the water balloon until it bursts? Who dares?

Update February 2024: out of stock

A board game that automatically makes you want to stand and cheer. – to the review

Bouw het ijsje zoals op het voorbeeld. Daarbij mag je je handen niet gebruiken! Gebruik alleen de ijshoorntjes en zorg dat de ijsballetjes niet wegrollen. – to the review

Strategic table football with magnets – to the review

Update February 2024: out of stock

Strategic table football with magnets.

Update February 2024: out of stock

Strategic family game for outdoors where you have to knock over each other’s blocks.

In this game, you don’t necessarily have to move, but at least make a lot of noise. – to the review 

In this, you really do stand up, as you have to remove sticks very carefully. – naar de review 

Update February 2024: out of stock

Try to place the penguins so that the iceberg stays balanced. – to the review 

Update February 2024: out of stock

Try to make the tower as high as possible and meanwhile make it very difficult for your fellow players. – to the review

Like Rhino Hero, but with bigger cards (so build to over your head) and extra superheroes.

Send Stef out to chase away your fellow players’ chickens. – to the review

Challenge your fellow players to a paintball fight. But make sure a police helicopter doesn’t just fly by – to the review

Update February 2024: out of stock

Very quickly pass around playing cards and when you have a set you get to throw burritos. Or you get your fellow players to do a burrito fight.