Language, judging others and group spirit – all in 1 at Picture Party!


How well do you know the other person? And what do they think of you? Can you put that into words? Picture Party is a party game that can be quite serious.

At Picture Party! it’s all about photos. And especially: who do you think the picture suits best? What does the group think? Does everyone agree or are there different opinions?

The rules are simple

In the centre of the table is the game board. Each player is assigned a number from 1 to 10 and a deck of cards that also contains the numbers 1 to 10. One player turns over the first picture and everyone decides for herself which of the group she thinks that picture fits best. She takes that number out of her hand and keeps it a secret for a while.

At the same time, everyone turns over the number.

Is the choice unanimous? Was it a surprise?

Everyone who voted for the one with the most votes gets to move her pawn one step forward.

Simple right? But look what else is in there!

At Picture Party! it is all about how we see each other. What do you notice about the other person? What images do you associate with the other person. Incidentally, it is also about self-insight, because it is okay to vote for yourself.

In this game, you put more emphasis on language if you let the voters argue why they made a particular choice. Explain, explain further, give examples. All language!

There is also a social component to this game: can you say everything about everyone? And how do you word your choice if it is perhaps less positive? Or do you keep it to yourself and just quickly vote for yourself?

In groups, this is a really fun game to do. I took it to group 6 once and soon a girl group was playing it enthusiastically. In smaller groups, it is also a fun game to stimulate language. Then it is not so much about who belongs to which card, but about the description of the cards. To associate and, for instance, to make a web of words.

Although it says on the game that it is from 3 people, as a language game it is best played with 2. Outside the box!

Are those photos actually appropriate? Because Picture Party!  is a party game aimed (also) at adults, the game contains many general pictures. From grade 6 onwards, children become much more aware of themselves as part of the world and can imagine something about the pictures.

Let them tell whatever comes to mind!

And if you still want some control over it: check the deck of cards beforehand (note: front and back) and select the cards you think are suitable.

Let children collect their own pictures to extend the game

Fun to discover what they come up with next and what choices that brings! Picture Party! s a game with lots of laughs and you get to know each other even better.

General information on Picture Party!

  • number of players: 3 – 10 persons
  • time: 30 minutes (but of course that depends on how much time you spend (after) discussing the photos)
  • from: 14 years (younger is also possible, from grade 6)
  • price: around € 25
  • download the quick rules here (in Dutch)

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