Want to read the magazine?

You can view the magazine digitally here, but of course it is much more fun to leaf through it at home on the couch. You can pick up the magazine for free at one of the pick-up locations. However, there is a limited edition there. You can also order the magazine for € 5 (shipping and handling for the Netherlands, other rates apply abroad) from Pen & Pion / Knowledge Centre Games. Then you don’t have to go out and receive the magazine at home. Or at school.

The magazine is published in Dutch. An English version of issue 1 is also available. This was a limited edition and has now run out. If you are interested in an English edition of the magazine, please email me so we can see what is possible.

Pick up at


  • spellenwinkel Het Lab in Utrecht
  • spellenwinkel Subcultures in Utrecht
  • spellenwinkel The Game Inn in Nieuwerker a/d IJssel
  • Bibliotheek het Neude in Utrecht
  • Spellenwereld Assen
  • Spellenwinkel.nl in Delft
  • spellenwinkel Spellenpoort in Amersfoort


  • Spellenlab van de Vives Hogeschool (Xaverianenstraat 10, Brugge)

Always looking for more pick-up points, so if you want to put a stack of magazines at your shop, school or organisation too…. Happy to! Send me an email so we can coordinate.

Want to write for the magazine?

We make this magazine for anyone who wants to support children and young people aged 4 – 18 in their development and learning journey. These are:teachers, tutors, parents, coaches, remedial teachers, speech therapists, teacher trainers.

The aim is for this magazine to be on the coffee table in schools and other educational institutions, so that non-gamers are also triggered to use play more often in their practice.

Magazine number 1 was a production of Pen & Pion / Knowledge Centre Games. This issue will be back in reprint.

Magazine number 2 is a production of Pen & Pion / Knowledge Centre Games in collaboration with Vives Hogeschool Spellenlab.

Issue 3 will be published in September 2024.

If you want to participate in the magazine Learning with Games, download all the information here. This information is in Dutch. E-mail me for an English translation.

Curious about the content of #1?

Would you like to know what’s in the magazine? Take a look at the extra material.

More than 10 free downloads

Via the QR codes accompanying the articles, you will find more than 10 free downloads, from a playing card to a list of maths games. From a mini-expansion to a worksheet for students to create their own game.