Using games intelligently in your teaching for greater learning outcomes. Contact me if you

want to make the best use of your equipment budget and first orientate on games in order to make targeted choices

want to do more with games together with your team, but first want to hear more and try out games

want to raise games to a higher level and are looking for a discussion partner to make a plan for your school together

offer a group of pupils or students extra challenge or guidance with a game

want to make a game or have your pupils make a game and want tips or feedback

you want to organise a game afternoon for your team or your pupils

Do more with games

Want to know more about using games in your teaching, training, coaching and parenting? Then get in touch for an inspiration session, a workshop, presentation or a consultation.

For primary school School op de Berg, or example, I provided an afternoon on games in the gifted class. They said of this:

Marion provides clear explanations and is experienced. She helped us make a good choice for our games shelf.

Beforehand, we discuss your/your goal and target group, the time you want to invest and the available budget. So you get tailor-made game inspiration. And maybe that is not a presentation, but immediately something very practical.

At primary school De Astronaut , for instance, they already knew they wanted to use more games in the classroom. They asked me for advice on games in the different subjects. I compiled a list for them and made contact with a retailer so that they could buy all the games at once.

Pen & Pion is highly recommended for anyone who has lost their way in games land.

What is also possible: an online session (you do get less good photos from that 😅) like the one below. This was an interview for some care & welfare mbo courses about the use of games by social workers.

What a beautiful magazine! I am getting very curious about the games.

Inspire and share

My mission is to share as much as possible about cool, fun, impressive and/or funny games as well as the application of those games to support the development of young and old.

That’s what I write about.

I do that for this website, but also on commission. I make a magazine and I collaborate on projects.

Want to work together? Email me at to arrange a meeting.

Would you like to order the magazine Learning with Games (at the moment only available in Dutch). Then email me your address details the inspiration will come your way!

Start to play!

The most fun, of course, is to play yourself! And for that too, you can call (or email) me.

For example, for a games afternoon at school. Or for a games evening with colleagues.

Maybe you want to make your own game first and are looking for help with that.

Like, for example, a gifted class in Rotterdam who questioned me for an hour about types of games, types of players, ways to score points and much more. Inspired, they then started their own game. Idea for your class?

Again: everything tailor-made.

Marion is good at explaining games in a clear way to young children, older children and adults. The games afternoons at school are a party for young and old every time.