What I offer

Using games in a smart way in your teaching for a higher learning output. Please contact me if you

want to make the best use of your equipment budget and first orientate on games in order to make targeted choices

want to do more with games together with your team, but first want to hear more and try out games

want to raise games to a higher level and are looking for a discussion partner to make a plan for your school together

offer a group of pupils or students extra challenge or guidance with a game

want to make a game or have your pupils make a game and want tips or feedback

you want to organise a game afternoon for your team or your pupils

Spellenmarkt tijdens workshop

Ready to play?

Do you want to experience games yourself and exchange them with others from the educational field? Then come to one of the free events.

You are a teacher, a lecturer, remedial teacher, coach, a parent and want to get ideas for (educational) games in the classroom or at home? And do you want to share your experiences with others?

Then come to one of the free workshops to play games, try them out and exchange practical tips.

Level up!

Do you want to use more games in your curriculum? Do you want to build a game cabinet for your gifted classes? And do you want more information on how to do that?

If you have decided to use games, you can rent game boxes from me. You will then have two months to try out the games, so that you will know exactly what works and what doesn’t. This will allow you to make better use of your budget and to avoid the risk of having to pay for the games in the first place. This will help you make better use of your budget and avoid making bad purchases.

New skill unlocked!

Do you want students to create their own game and want advice from an expert? Then make an appointment for an (online) question hour.

During the (online) question hour, they can fire all their questions at me. And that is often quite a lot! From “how many puzzles do you put in an escaperoom?” to “I want to make a game in which I want children to build and learn, how should I combine that?”.

I also show examples and talk about the development process. Great way for children to learn and have them repeat learning at the same time. Read more.