Spellen varia achtergrond

The combination of games and education is receiving more and more attention. Not only in primary education, but also in secondary and vocational education.

Various workshops and conferences are organised on the subject throughout the year. On this page, you will find an overview of those meetings.

Get inspired

At games conferences, you often find the latest releases of games. There are also more and more game makers with a game that is still in development. It is worthwhile to go to a games fair this year and browse around.

At international fairs, you will come across games that are not available in shops in the Netherlands. Sometimes such a game is language-independent and you can immediately use it in your own teaching practice. Sometimes it only needs a small adjustment or translation before you can use it. And often it just provides a mountain of inspiration and ideas.

Ideas for you own game

Perhaps you have a game idea of your own. Even then you can visit a games fair.

For example, at this company that helps you publish your own board game. They have already put several interesting games on the market, such as this math game.

You can also drop by one of the big game publishers to pitch your idea. They are always on the lookout for the next big thing!

Learn more

If you would like to learn more about the use of games in education, there are various workshops where you can find out more. You can also exchange ideas with other teachers and lecturers who use games in their lessons.


16 March   – Games, school environment and learning: from observation to research, Game in Lab (online)

6 AprilTools4Schools, Kortrijk Belgium

13 April Conferentie Gamedidactiek – Learn by Games, Utrecht Netherlands

23 + 24 April – Zuiderspel, Veldhoven Netherlands

6 MayTeamwork bevorderen met spellen – Vives Hogeschool Brugge, Belgium

6 + 7 May Internationales Bildungsforum Spielmarkt, Postdam Germany

12 May Wie kan winnen tegen het spel? Coöperatieve spellen voor volwassenen – Vives Hogeschool Brugge, Belgium

14 May – Spellenbeurs Ducosim, Amersfoort

16 – 20 May – The Board Game Studies Colloquium (BGSC), Leeuwarden Netherlands

21 + 22 May – Spellenbeurs Zomerspel, Merelbeke Belgium

23 May – Spelevent, Amsterdam GameLab, Huizen Netherlands

27 May – Webinar Klantgericht ondernemen via spelvorm – Way2Play (online)

28 May – Spellenbeurs, Alkmaar Netherlands

1 June – Workshop Speel je Vaardig, Breda Netherlands

2 – 5 June – UK Game Expo, Birmingham England

6 June Speeldag Utrecht, Utrecht Netherlands

11 – 12 June Game Designers Convention, Göttingen Germany

15 – 18 June – Play Secure Conference (online)

7 juli – Serious Game Koffie-Ochtend bij Amsterdam Game Lab, Bussum Netherlands

9 August – Workshop Spellen van thuis inzetten in je training, workshop of vergadering – Way2Play (online)

17 septemberDucosim spellenbeurs, Amersfoort Netherlands

22 september Taalspellen in de kleuterklas –  Vives Hogeschool Brugge, Belgium

24 SeptemberWorkshop Speel je Vaardig, Breda Netherlands

2 OctoberSpellenfestival, Genk, Belgium

4 October Kennisevent Esports, Gaming en Gamification, Utrecht Netherlands

6 – 9 October – Spiel, Essen Germany

13 Octoberinspirationcafé Escaperooms, Utrecht Netherlands

13 October – Spellen in de ouderenzorg – Vives Hogeschool Brugge, Belgium

2 November Gamification: activeren met speldidactiek, Utrecht Netherlands

5 + 6 November – Spellenspektakel, Utrecht Netherlands


21 januari Ducosim spellenbeurs, Amersfoort Netherlands

24 – 28 January 2023Nationale Onderwijstentoonstelling, Utrecht Netherlands

1 – 5 February 2023Internationale Speelgoedbeurs, Nürnberg, Germany

13 mei Ducosim spellenbeurs, Amersfoort Netherlands

30 september Ducosim spellenbeurs, Amersfoort Netherlands

5 – 8 oktoberSpiel, Essen Germany