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Unexpected questions

After this warm-up, we focused on the board game from Playground for Entrepreneurs. Inge created this game so that participants can work on their businesses in a safe environment.

This game allows you to share your challenge, learn from each other and work on your (business) development.

The game board is divided into four squares on which there is a selection of cards. As the starting player, I have the honour of throwing the die first. You read all the cards with the same number as the die. Then you choose a card, read it out loud and tell in 2 minutes what it has to do with you. For me, the question: which brand in another industry has an image that you would also like for your company?

A question I don’t have a ready answer to. I therefore told my story in the group, stuttering a bit. Because the group was then given 1 minute to share their feedback and/or thoughts on the question, it ultimately gave me valuable input. It is now a question I still think about from time to time when I get excited about a brand or product myself.

The game board with dice and cards acts as a guide for conversation and exchange between the players. It made it a pleasant exchange, as the cards sometimes raised unexpected and surprising questions. The feedback from fellow players, from different industries and with different years of experience, provided refreshing input.

With the game Playground for Entrepreneurs, Inge de Dreu is pursuing a number of goals. The game:

  • Empowers entrepreneurs: the game helps you review and enrich market insights and teaches you to navigate the entrepreneurial journey.
  • Promotes resilience: because the game focuses on adapting strategy and the ‘search’ that characterises the early stages of entrepreneurship, it helps budding entrepreneurs face those challenges.
  • Encourages resourcefulness: entrepreneurship requires a lot of ‘figuring out’. Through the game, entrepreneurs exchange information and can benefit from and build on collective knowledge.
  • Promotes collaboration among colleagues: the game fosters an environment where entrepreneurs learn to support each other.
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