Using games to learn about the world

> I have to write a paper about a famous historical person.

Son comes home with this announcement and he is looking forward to it. We know by now how much stress such a piece of work causes to everyone in the house, but we go along with his enthusiasm.

He wants to write about Madame Curie. Especially as he himself is rather fascinated by nuclear power stations and radioactivity. My husband is happy that he chose a subject so quickly. And I am proud of him for going for a female scientist.

And we can help him on his way.

We have three games in which Madame Curie plays a role.

Make boring data accessible

Madame Curie appears multiple times in these games and you get additional information about her as well. This information is not only useful, but you also need it to play the game properly. So make sure you remember that information! A great way to learn more about the world and history.

Information about Madame Curie in the game Who's She

Often this information is short and to the point or presented with symbols, making it very accessible. It invites you to read and because there is a lot of repetition in a game, you also repeat this information. A perfect way to store it in your long-term memory.

Games are ahead of history books

Now, Madame Curie is of course a very well-known person. And rightly so, because she is the only person ever to have won two Nobel Prizes for two different sciences. No wonder then that you are in all the history books!

Informatie about Madame Curie in the game Alchemists.

But games go further than that. You also learn about people in history who may be under-reported in books, but who were certainly important. When you play a game, those names come up automatically. Best way to get information about the world around you, in my opinion.

But not only famous people appear in games, how about historical events, cities  around the world, knowledge of organisms and of nature.

Of course, you can also offer everything in a book, but games make orientation of the world fun and tangible. Games can make you almost experience it for yourself / you can see it / smell it / feel it. A game plays on all emotions and the more those emotions ‘turn on’, the easier and better you learn.

Get to know famous women from history with a game

Moreover, games are often ahead of books, even though it also takes a while for a game to be developed. Yet, it is quicker to find a game on a current topic in the shop than it is to find in a school book. Or a game gets an expansion, like this recent expansion with female painters at the game Old Masters from 2019.

Learning about the world doesn’t have to be boring. A game makes it fun, accessible and almost as if you where there. Pen & Pion gives you the best tips which game to choose!

Games of the pictures above: 

The game Who’s She is a huge hit worldwide. You can order it from the website of the Polish designer.

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